Discussing Services Provided By Real Estate Attorneys

Discussing Services Provided By Real Estate Attorneys

Why Home Sellers Need A Real Estate Attorney

Logan Sullivan

Selling your property can be a stressful experience if you are unsure about the laws regarding real estate. While many sellers depend a lot on their real estate agent for handling some aspects of the sale, you should know that having a real estate attorney on your side is always a good idea. Check out some the ways a real estate attorney can help save you time, money and lot of aggravation during the sale of your property.

What Sellers Are Required To Disclose About Their Property

When you put your house up for sale, you may have wondered what you need to tell potential buyers about it. You might wonder if it should be sold 'as-is'. If you sell your home under a contract that states the buyer purchases the home just like it is, an attorney can make sure the contract is legal and protects you from future litigation. For example, if you sold your home under an 'as-is' contract, the buyer may come back later and say the defected hot water heater should have been disclosed in the contract. An attorney can make sure the buyer is fully aware that he or she is buying the home 'as-is' and that nothing in the contract is going to come back to haunt you later.

Getting An Appraisal Value You Can Trust

When you have your property appraised for learning its true market value, you need to know you can trust that figure. The last thing you want is to sell your home for less than what it is truly worth. If you have a real estate attorney working for you, you can have the appraisal examined for making sure you are asking the fairest price. In this way, you get what you deserve for the property and buyers cannot dispute the amount during negotiations of sale.

Inspections Are An Important Aspect Of Selling Your Property

If you have had your home treated for termites, potential buyers will want proof of that treatment. Many buyers will hire someone to check for them. However, if the professional a buyer hires states you did not have the treatment, your attorney can step in and show the proof and litigate on your behalf. When you decide to put your property on the market, making sure you keep a record of all inspections for your attorney to review is extremely important to avoid this type of problem with a potential buyer.

Selling property can be a trying process if you are not aware of the laws in your area about it. By hiring a real estate attorney, like one from Heil & Saylor, you can rest assured your contracts and all the details that go along with it will be professionally and legally handled.


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Discussing Services Provided By Real Estate Attorneys

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